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BOOK CLUB: So You Want to Talk About Race

April 21, 2021
11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

Virtual Meeting

Looking to expand your understanding of and perspective on racial inequity and tackle this sensitive subject head-on? Join us for the third installment of SMPS-TC’s diversity, equity, and inclusion programming for a discussion on the complex reality of today’s racial landscape. In her book, So You Want to Talk About Race, author Ijeoma Oluo explores white privilege, police brutality, systemic discrimination, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Oluo answers the questions that many don’t dare ask and provides clarity on this topic that readers need to contribute to the dismantling of the racial divide.

Danielle Hilmo of BWBR will moderate our discussion on this complex topic. Danielle recently participated in the BWBR Equity Task Force (ETF)’s book club discussion about this book. BWBR’s ETF exists to mitigate barriers to opportunity arising from socially constructed notions of gender, racism, and other inequities. The ongoing ETF mission seeks to foster critical thinking about equitable practice, challenge business-as-usual norms, create a safe environment for discussion, and maintain an equity lens, through which we see unconscious inequities. Understanding this is a difficult topic, our goal is to create a safe space for anyone who wants to join the discussion. Each participant is encouraged to contribute as much or as little as they feel comfortable with, and no one will be put on the spot. A free copy of the book will be sent to the first five people who sign up for this event.

How it Works:

  1. Obtain the book in your desired format (see additional information below for options for purchasing or borrowing the book).
  2. Read the book.
  3. Bring questions, ideas, thoughts, and insights to the book club discussion on April 21st.
  4. Enjoy networking and a no-pressure discussion of the book with your peers.
  5. Leave recharged with new ideas and inspiration for ways to contribute to tackling the racial divide.

Who Should Attend:
Firm Principals
Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
Marketing Staff
Business Development Director
Business Development Staff
Communications Coordinator
All are welcome to join the discussion!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Become educated and aware of current racial issues in America.
  2. Better understand some challenges BIPOC people from different backgrounds face in today’s society and learn how to respectfully deepen your conversations about race with all people.
  3. Reshape your thinking and perspective on racism, what it is, and how it manifests.

Where to Find the Book:

This book is available virtually anywhere books are sold or from your local library.

  1. If you’d like to support a local, independent, Black, woman-owned bookstore, please consider purchasing your book through Black Garnet Books. []
  2. Author’s website:
  3. Amazon/Kindle:
  4. Barnes & Noble/Nook:
  5. Audible:
  6. Twin Cities Metro eLibrary:

SMPS Domains of Practice (for CPSM)
3 - Client and Business Development
6 - Information, Resource, and Organizational Management


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