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Workplace Flexibility Panel

February 07, 2018
11:15 AM to 1:00 PM
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International Market Square
275 Market Street, Suite 185
Minneapolis, MN 55405

The adage goes that your employees are your greatest asset. If that’s true, do you have a compelling story to tell your clients and shareholders about how you are looking after your investment? “Employee owned” doesn’t mean much unless those employees are invested in sharing and building your brand.

In this highly interactive panel you will get to talk to those who study the walk, walk the walk, and walk the talk. Our panelists have diverse perspectives about what you should be doing to make your workplace the place your staff WANT to spend most of their waking hours [hint: it isn’t just the compensation!]. The conversation will cross the generational divides and explore why the post #metoo world is a vital conversation to your success.

This program is for all staff looking for better ideas of what the workplace can offer and how they can help drive change. It is also for the organizational leaders needing to identify workplace trends and get some ideas about how you can improve your business, period.

Learning objectives  

  • Identify current workplace trends
  • Understand your staff needs and how to balance them with the workload
  • Why you NEED to care about the work-life balance
  • What your culture says about your brand actually matters to clients

SMPS Domain of Practice (for CPSM)

2 - Marketing Plan 
3 - Client and Business Development 
5 - Promotional Activity 
6 - Information, Resource, and Organizational Management

Who should attend? 

Firm Principals 
Marketing Director 
Marketing Manager 
Marketing Staff 
Business Development Director 
Business Development Staff 
Communications Coordinator

About the Panel

Katie Toghramdjian, PE - President, Isthmus Engineering, Inc.

Katie founded Isthmus Engineering, Inc. in 2002 with the vision of promoting the efficient use of technology as an aid to quality design in the field of transportation engineering. One of her motivations for striking out on her own was to create opportunities that allowed her to pursue her professional career while fulfilling her personal priorities as a mother of young children. As Isthmus has grown from a one-person firm to a team of 21 engineers, Katie has made it her leadership mission to serve as a catalyst for workplace and industry innovation by fostering collaboration while steadfastly honoring the passions and priorities of each individual. Isthmus has recently been recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as a recipient of the 2017 “When Work Works Award” for flexibility in the workplace.

Katie attended Northwestern University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineebyring; and is registered as a Professional Engineer in Minnesota. She credits the support – at home and at the office - of her husband of 23 years with her ability to “have it all” as a working parent. They have three sons in college and a daughter in her first year of high school.

Katie has been an active advocate for accessible Montessori education, and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Great River School Board – a Montessori charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also serves as a board member for the American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota (ACEC/MN), the leading business practice and policy advocate for consulting engineering firms in Minnesota.

Lisa Pool, CID, LEED AP - Principal, Perkins+Will

As Director of Workplace for the Minneapolis studio of Perkins+Will and Co-Leader of the Workplace Strategy Global Practice (over 2,000 staff with 20+ offices), Lisa is specialized in delivering high performance workplace environments where employees are innovative, productive, healthy, and happy. Her clients range from large Fortune 500 companies to small start-up companies and nonprofits. Lisa also leads Change Management Services, that help clients transition to new environments by providing clear messaging strategies resulting in awareness understanding and buy in. Lisa is one of 65 staff who work at studioIDS; Perkins+Will’s award-winning, activity-based workplace that comprises 100% unassigned seating and a wide variety of work setting options that empower employees with choice.

Adam Sprecher - Managing Director, Salo, Inc.

Adam is Director of Business Operations with Salo, a staffing and consulting firm that places senior-level finance and accounting professionals on an interim, contract or direct-hire basis, and senior-level human resources consultants in on-demand, contract roles. Adam is responsible for ensuring Salo’s business development teams have the tools, training, and resources required to be a stand-out leader in all markets they serve. Adam has more than 15 years of experience in the recruiting industry and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Augsburg College, Minneapolis.



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