Wednesday Wisdom from SMPS Member and CPSM Kimberly Kayler

In this month’s Wednesday Wisdom, Kimberly Kayler, CPSM, takes time out of her busy schedule to chat with SMPS-Twin Cities. Kimberly, who is the President of AOE, shares some words of wisdom with us and also discusses some of the benefits of being a Certified Professional Service Marketer (CPSM).

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I completed my Journalism degree at the University of Arizona, where I interned with the College of Engineering & Mines as a reporter. That’s when I discovered my love for technical writing. After college, I edited a book for Armstrong Laboratories at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base before accepting a marketing position with a 70-person civil/structural/environmental engineering firm. I then moved to a Director of Marketing position at a 200-person A+E firm that provided services in North, Central, and South America. In 2001, I started Constructive Communication, Inc. (CCI) to serve the need of professional service and business-to-business technical firms. In my role as president of CCI, I helped clients define strategy and develop marketing action plans. In 2018, CCI merged with CAM to form AOE -- a full-service consulting firm which I now lead.

What are some of the most common challenges you've faced recently and how have you overcome them?
I think most of us struggle with work-life balance, especially in our pandemic world right now. A friend of mine provided a tip to me a few months back that has been incredibly helpful – do two things a day. So, that may mean work and one volunteer activity. Or maybe it is work and one get together with friends. It applies to work as well. Don’t cram five public speaking engagements into one day, or four meetings that you are the facilitator for – opt instead for two so you can have the right stamina for each event. It is about focusing energy! 

What inspires you and keeps you motivated on a daily basis?
What keeps me motivated is continuing to learn new things. The pandemic has opened new possibilities in terms of online learning – not only in our profession but developing outside interests. For example, I recently signed up to become a master gardener through online classes. A year ago, I didn’t even have such an interest.  So, explore new passions. Participate in an online painting class, connect through a book group or develop a new hobby. Be sure you are taking a break from constant online learning related to marketing as there is so much out there now, which is awesome but can easily lead to burnout. 

How has being a CPSM helped you advance in your career?
In so many ways! I was one of the first 10 people in the nation to earn the CPSM back in 1999. I sat for the very first test offering. Although I meet many people that are unfamiliar with the CPSM designation, it is always a conversation starter that gives me an opportunity to showcase marketing’s role within our industry.

What’s on your bucket list?
Travel, travel, and more travel. I also want to accomplish a goal I am working on right now – running every day for one year straight.  As of writing this, I am on day 206!

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