Q&A with SMPS-TC Member, Jan Bachman

Jan BachmanAs a part of our continuing series to highlight our members, we asked a few questions of SMPS Twin Cities member, Jan Bachman of Schuler Shook. As we continue 2016, we will be regularly reaching out to members of the chapter and of the board of directors to help introduce members to one another.

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When did you start in the AEC industry? When/how did you start with SMPS?

I started in the industry at the beginning of 2001. I started attending SMPS meetings in 2007-8, became a member. Then let that lapse for a few years. I started again in 2013 and have been going strong ever since.

When did you start in the AEC industry? When/how did you start with SMPS?

I joined Schuler Shook in 2002, which was my first experience with the AEC industry.  Schuler Shook valued marketing and had me sign up with SMPS later that same year.

What about SMPS do you find most appealing?

I enjoy all the friends I’ve made along the way.  We contact each other when we need help with things in our firms and we also get together outside of SMPS.

What do you do outside of SMPS?

I’m pretty busy with a teenaged daughter.  In my free time I volunteer and I play women’s hockey.

What are your roles/responsibilities in SMPS?

In the past, I have served on the PR committee as well as the Education committee.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

As mentioned previously, I play hockey and I love it.  I started playing five years ago and now I’m hooked and play year-round.

Have you had a mentor, either inside or outside the industry, that has helped you professionally?

I have not had one particular mentor, but through SMPS, I feel comfortable going to senior members to ask advice and throw ideas around.

What is your favorite building in the Twin Cities?

Foshay Tower.  Schuler Shook created the lighting design for the renovation a few years back.  The space has a good vibe to it.

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