February 2021 Program Blog - Effective Virtual Business Development & Communications

Did you miss out on our February program? Titled “Effective Virtual Business Development & Communications: The Master Class for Principal Level Engagement.”, this program brought together marketing professionals from the Twin Cities, Washington D.C., San Diego, and Seattle SMPS chapters. Meg Winch, President at Communications Resource Northwest, challenged us to think differently about virtual communications and technology. 

“Technology is something we love to hate,” said Meg. However, “virtual communication has allowed us to stay in business during this pandemic.” We need to change the conversation from “how do we make technology work” to “how do we be better communicators with the technology?” A few key points from this program include:

  • Good communicators are present and mindful.
  • Communication is 100% learned behavior and 100% intentional.
  • User Interface (UI) relates to the “space where interactions between humans and machines occur.” User Experience (UE) relates to a “person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system, or service.
  • Basics of communications: turn off whatever else you’re working on, look into the lens and focus, remember that this is the most important thing you are doing, and repeat.
  • Avoid winging it, prepare, and plan.
  • Create visuals that are designed for the screen.
  • Set up a rehearsal.
  • Stay committed to your messaging and focus on delivering key items to your audience.

Check out our upcoming events and programs here, including our March panel called “Creating Diverse and Inclusive Project Teams Beyond Enterprise Goals.” Panelists Elizabeth Campbell, Director of Emerging Business Inclusion at Ryan Companies; Willow Nichols, Founding Partner at Victus Engineering; Kristine Hutera, Chief Executive Officer at Empirehouse Inc.; and Alicia Belton, Principal at Urban Design Perspectives.

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