Why You Should Care

In a world where more and more of our interactions are taking place via social media, it is important to understand the value of utilizing social media for professional development. Social media can provide tremendous value to professionals in any stage of their career.  For the fresh out of school/unemployed or unhappy professional, there are very often job postings located on these sites. Just the other day one of my connections posted a comment that said “Any college grads with business degree looking for a foot in the door with a great company?” These types of job openings may never make it to career posting websites.  

Once you have a job, social media becomes even more beneficial. It is a great place to individually grow as a professional. There are endless articles, discussions, videos, webinars, etc. specific to your field of interest that you can utilize to expand your knowledge base; ultimately making you a more valuable employee/resource to your company.

One of the biggest if not the most important benefit of social media is the connection capabilities. Social media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook provide a place to connect with other SMPS members or contacts within the industry. You can use the site as a database of your contacts. Prior to meeting with a contact you can refresh your memory on their personal and professional lives, research their individual qualifications, and find out more information about their company.

These social media sites also provide a platform to have discussions regarding current topics, tactics and theories.  They generally have marketing specific articles featured, with a place to post comments and questions thereby generating meaningful discussions. For example, the SMPS LinkedIn page is an ideal place to ask a question and in return receive valuable insights from people in your industry.  Often, these people have experienced the same issue you may be having, and can save you hours of frustration.  Many times webinars and seminars, which you may not have known about, are posted on these sites. These can be terrific sessions to enhance your understanding of a topic, taught by industry experts.

Next time you sign in to your favorite social media site, try something new; whether it is reading a posted  article, signing up for a webinar, or contributing to a discussion, you will be surprised at what you can learn.  While you are there, be sure to check out the affiliated SMPS Twin Cities page.

Scott Dunnwald
Marketing Assistant
Karges-Faulconbridge, Inc.

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