Social Media Skeptic? Let's Get Real.

By Scott Peak, Terracon

Robin Broder, CMO of Henderson Engineers, shared her experiences with the struggles and breakthroughs of bringing A/E/C companies into the social media era. As the A/E/C industry can tend to be a slow adopter, those who strive to excel in the social media arena have made great connections and progress with followers and potential clients. Broder focuses her efforts on creating brand ambassadors, which she sees as the most efficient ways to build social media presence.

Social media is all about the conversation, and relationships are built on those conversations. As is seen in business development, building relationships is the key to winning. Broder saw six simple ways to develop winning relationships through social media:

  1. Talk - Communicate honestly. Start the conversation at the top (CEOs, managers, etc.) and be transparent and authentic. Start simple.
  2. Listen - Use surveys to find out what your audience wants to hear. Use Google Alerts to stay on top of what is happening with trends, competitors, clients and even what others are saying about you. Take advantage of technology to help with social media (TweetDeck, Hootsuite).
  3. Encourage Collaboration - Put together best practice groups with employees and let them share ideas amongst their group. Increase employee dialogue and it will encourage greater collaboration.
  4. Educate - Do your research and share that research on social media. Become a thought leader and share case studies and provide useful information. Be an expert on a specific topic and work with this evidence-based marketing to talk directly to the end user about it.
  5. Provide ReferralsSay thank you and see where it takes you. Saying thanks lets others know that you appreciate someone’s good work which breeds good will. They may even say thanks back-you just need to start the conversation!
  6. Share Your Story OnlinePut client testimonials on everything. If someone has documented how awesome your company is, use it on everything you can: from RFPs, to Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget your website. Put pictures up as well, it helps tell your story in a visual way.


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