Business Development training you shouldn't miss - Jeremy Morris

August 2015 I attended the Build Business Conference 2015 in LA. I hope many of you are signing up for this year's Conference in Philadelphia. When do you there's the option to also register for the full day business development workshop Business Development in the A/E/C Industry.

I suspect, however, that many of you are limited by time and budget. Conference is a phenomenal and worth-the-investment experience - for you AND your firm - but it there is a definite expense. So many of you probably won't be attending that particular BD workshop. Never fear - it's coming to you as part of the 2016 workshop tour! June 14th at the Courtyard Marriott in Minneapolis.

When I attended last year I had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be one of the best programs I have ever attended. Part of this was due to the content. You get a large 3-ring folder filled with information resources and ideas to enhance your business development arsenal. The content is great, especially if you or your staff are newer to business development or you've recently been tasked with those functions. I will say though that there were many BD managers and Directors in the room, some of whom who had already attended the workshop. They derived that much value from it!

The instructors are top-notch industry leaders who know this stuff so well that they just make it fall into place. I was fortunate to have Kate Mullaney, CPSM and Tony Steinhardt, FSPMS, CPSM as instructors. With very little preparation together they made it seem like they had led this workshop, together, for years. That's just the nature of the their expertise. You should expect no less here on June 14th. You will hear deep dives and experiential case studies about how they use these strategies to enhance their business and professional relationships.

The upcoming workshop is an amazing opportunity to get that hands-on BD you won't get anywhere else. It is a great opportunity for seller-doers to get some training as well. You can immediately bring resources and ideas back to your leaders and office teams. You will be able to help train your future business developers and seller doers. I highly recommend you attend the business develop the SMPS Business Development in the A/E/C Workshop. You will get more than your money's worth especially if you are a member of the organization and can take advantage of the discount.

Disclosure: Neither I nor the SMPS Twin Cities Chapter benefit from Workshop registration. I just think the program is THAT good.

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Q&A with SMPS-TC Board Member, Melody Hall

Melody HallTo continue our Q&A series to highlight our members, we asked a few questions of SMPS Twin Cities board member, Melody Hall of Stonebrooke Engineering. Moving forward, we will continue reaching out to members of the chapter and of the board of directors to help introduce members to one another.

Have a great idea of someone in the chapter we should interview? Email our Communications Chair and we will be in touch!


When did you start in the AEC industry? When/how did you start with SMPS?

I started working in the AEC industry in April of 2014. My boss at the time suggested I join SMPS and take advantage of all the great things they had to offer since I was brand new to the industry.

What about SMPS do you find most appealing?

The interesting program topics, as well as the networking and meeting tons of great people in the industry.


What do you see changing about SMPS in the next five years?

SMPS will only continue to improve from here on out!

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I’m a crazy cat lady! J Don’t worry, I only have 3 cats (so far…).

What do you do outside of SMPS?

I work for Stonebrooke Engineering and enjoy spending time with my husband, our three cats, and our brand new German Shepherd puppy, Bear!

What are your roles/responsibilities in your role as a board member for SMPS?

Providing a warm welcome for new members, as well as membership retention. I also get to plan all the exciting networking events and project tours.

What is your favorite building in the Twin Cities area?

Judging from the outside, since its brand new and not quite open to the public, I would have to say U.S. Bank Stadium. Not to mention, I’m a huge Vikings fan!

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