Q&A with SMPS-TC Member, Marcia Malinowski

As a part of our continuing series to highlight our members, we asked a few questions of SMPS Twin Cities member, Marcia Malinowski of Kraus Anderson. As we continue 2016, we will be regularly reaching out to members of the chapter and of the board of directors to help introduce members to one another.

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When did you start in the AEC industry?


When/how did you start with SMPS?

Not sure of the date, but approximately 2000. I was working with Anne Farrell and she was the driving force for me becoming a member.

What about SMPS do you find most appealing?

Networking and programs with panelists.

What do you do outside of SMPS?  

Work for Kraus-Anderson; free time is spent doing Agility with my Wheaten Terrier,  having fun in my yard and just being outdoors.

What are your roles/responsibilities in SMPS?  

Purely a participant. I once participated in a committee when I became a member.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I’m really shy!

Have you had a mentor, either inside or outside the industry, that has helped you professionally?

Yes, both inside and outside the industry and at various levels in my career. I would highly recommend a mentor-protégé relationship to anyone. You may occasionally have to seek it out, but they are invaluable. The mentors I’ve had have contributed to the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career.

What is your favorite building in the Twin Cities? 

I would have to say the IDS!

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